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Wison Advanced Materials

Dedicated to becoming an innovator of the traditional chemical industry, Wison Advanced Materials aims to integrate the upstream and downstream sectors and to develop the new materials with a differentiating strategy.

Wison Advanced Materials is to create a complete new petrochemical material value chain by constantly learning from the past, making use of the advantages of the group and the other sectors of Wison and collaborating with its partners.

Light Hydrocarbon Industry

Wison Advanced Materials obtains feedstock including light olefin and methanol from all over the globe and selects appropriate locations to produce methanol and fractionate propane in the upstream to guarantee the competitiveness of the feedstock cost. In places where feedstock competitiveness is prominent but transportation is inconvenient, Wison will produce downstream solid products such as polyolefin which is easy to transport.

By establishing MTO, propane cracking/dehydrogenation plants to manufacture products including ethylene, propylene and butadiene, Wison aims to meet the domestic demand of olefin monomers and the demand of developing downstream products with business partners as well. In the meantime, Wison will extend its downstream value chain to produce basic materials for the automobile industry and the white household appliance industry with partners so as to establish a high value-added olefin industrial park.

High Performance Polymers

Wison Advanced Materials is dedicated to becoming a world-leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of high performance polymers.

Leveraging the strength of Wison Group and its business segments, we aim to collaborate with business partners, develop differentiated and diversified materials, and become vertically integrated in the chemical and material industry. We are also commited to providing value-added products and highly efficient solutions to our customers, areas served include aerospace, automotive and transportation, electrical and electronics, construction, consumer goods, etc.

Research Institute of Advanced Materials

Built upon technical and innovation strength of the Wison Advanced Materials R&D Center of Excellence, Wison researchers and engineers emphasize on the development and industrialization of high-end engineering materials.